Career In Merchant Navy As Electro Technical Officer (ETO)

Electro Technical Officer

Electro Technical Officer (ETO)

If you are holding a B.E or degree in Electrical, Electronics Engineering, aspiring a career in merchant navy and don’t know what to do, here is a guide which you can follow:-

Who is an Electro Techinal Officer(ETO)

ETO expands to Electro Technical Officer. ETO is the name given for Electrical Officer in Merchant navy.  Since the advancement of Electrical and Electronics components in a ship, it requires expertise from a specialized individual who can safely monitor and safeguard all these components, which is accomplished by the ETO. An ETO’s duty will include the operation and maintenance of all Electrical Equipment and components associated with merchant ships as well as passenger ships.

How Can You Become An Electro Technical Officer

Educational Qualification :-

  1. Must have passed 12th examination with Physics,Mathematics,Chemistry and English. (Percentage varies from institution to institution)
  2. Must have passed three years’ Diploma OR four year’s Bachelor’s Degree in  Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication / Communication Engineering, or Electronics and Instrumentation or equivalent. (Percentage varies from institution to institution)

The course is of 6 months residential type in the institute followed by 8 months structured shipboard training as Trainee ETO. The Trainee ETO is required to update Training And Record (TAR)Book during his/her onboard training. Once you complete the training, appear for examinations and up on successful completion you will be rewarded with CoC for ETO. Usually ETO’s rank is considered equivalent to Second Engineer’s rank and may vary with companies. Presently there is no bridge course for person holding Indian CoC for ETO to change to Marine Engineer’s Coc. But in foreign Countries you could attend bridge course and thereafter attending examination after earning sufficient seagoing experience to get a Fourth engineer’s CoC and further he/she could rise up to Chief engineer.

Physical Standards For ETO

  1. Must be physically fit with good eyesight and normal colour vision as per the STCW 2010/MS medical rules 2000. For more details regarding STCW 2010/MS medical rules 2000, please visit DG shipping.

Electro Technical Officer Career Path:

  1. After achieving the essential qualifications and medical standards, the aspirant must attend a 4 month pre-sea training course from a recognized institute. There are many Institutions approved by directorate general of shipping (Govt. body) which offer courses for ETO but there are only a few institutes which offers sponsorship for the course:-
    1. Anglo-eastern Maritime Academy
    2. Great-Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies
    3. Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies
  2. After the Pre-sea training, candidate has to undergo on-board training for around a period of usually 8 months as Trainee-ETO.
  3. After successful completion of 12 months as trainee ETO, aspirant will be promoted as Assistant ETO and gradually after obtaining COC, he/she will be promoted as ETO.

Pros OF Electro Technical Officer

  1. One of the main advantages of joining merchant navy is A Trainee ETO will get around 40k-50k per month and an experienced ETO will get around 2 to 4 lakhs per month.
  2. International Travels.

Cons Of Electro Technical Officer

  1. One of the main disadvantages in merchant navy jobs are that you have to stay away from your family for a long time. Your personal life may get affected.
  2. Once an ETO, always an ETO. There are no promotion scales for ETO.

Hope this article provides an elaborate idea regarding the Electro Technical Officer. For any queries comment below.

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