Foreign MBBS graduates in India- Cover Story

foreign mbbs

Doubting about doing a foreign MBBS and are you looking for guidance. We are here to help you.

Completing the so termed TURNING POINT OF YOUR LIFE- 12th standard; leaves you to another ‘puzzle’, which will decide the difference YOU are going to make in the society….your career.

Whatsoever, some of our careers may b already decided by our parents, relatives or the worst part by neighbors!!
In spite of various other courses and opportunities,2 major options you will have is engineering or MBBS,
A small piece of advice- FOLLOW YOUR HEART.. it doesn’t matter how hard it would be, you can tackle it and yes, definitely that’s where you are going to excel..

Dear friends, if your heart calls you to Medical profession; no second thought go for it… IT IS going to be hard throughout your life, but once you take this Devine profession to your heart, it’ll be your LIFE..
NEET is de qualifying exam to get a MBBS seat in India. Cracking NEET and getting into a good college is Ur next job.. NEET is definitely a tough one, and many do not get through.
Well, to those students: DON’T GIVE UP YOUR DREAMS
You have plenty of other options to study abroad at a lower cost.. Many countries like China, Russia, Ukraine etc. extend opportunity to study MBBS at a lower cost. The confusion is, whether this degree is valid in India or not.

foreign mbbs 2

Foreign MBBS GRADUATION definitely is valid in India. At this point, you need to know the merits and demerits.

Well to start on with the merits:

Merits of MBBS from Foreign Countries

  1. You get to Study abroad
  2. You get interact with people from all over the world, different languages, culture… (guys, it is an experience!)
  3. No burden of clearing NEET
  4.  Lower cost of studying (than private colleges in India)
  5.  Coaching for USMLE (PG entrance exam in USA.. you can go for a direct application after your graduation )
  6.   You get to know diseases prevalent in that country. Standard textbooks are followed worldwide (so your degrees are equal)
  7.  Exposure to modern equipment’s and medical facilities…. that’s something medicos in India miss, unless they study in the top colleges of India where a few get admissions. (Being a graduate myself, I didn’t know surgeries were performed by robots in USA!!)
  8.  You get to work and study…you can make your pocket money!!

Demerits of MBBS from Foreign Countries

  1. Coming back to India, as a foreign graduate, you need to clear FMGE exam and do a year of internship (where you to learn the disease pattern in India, trust me, that helps you a lot) in an institution of your choice to practice as a general practitioner. Clearing FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) may require a 6 months coaching and you can’t practice until you clear it. I put this 1st cause this is THE ONE demerit I really tell people when they ask me.
  2. MBBS in India takes five and half years; but a foreign medical degree ‘ll be in a period of 6 years.
  3. You ought to learn the language of the respective country your studying in.

Final Words

Well, so I think I could clear a majority of your doubt bubbles! But you still may have some queries left; you’re always welcome to post your queries below which will be attended at the earliest possible.

I wish you all the best & as I always say.. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS… Never stop them for others!! God bless!

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