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North Bay RNIP Jobs

North Bay RNIP Program & Jobs

Rural And Northern Immigration Pilot Program-RNIP

This program is mainly targeted to attract the international citizens  to Canada through a recommendation from the participating community. This program is started by government to fill the economic gap between the small communities within the Canada by giving the foreign nationals Permanent Residency or PR.

The Rural And Northern Immigration program helps to maintain a constant balance between the skilled workers within a community and to prosper the Canadian companies with your cutting edge knowledge and diverse experience . They prefer foreign nationals with a long term plan to settle there and prosper their economy.

The RNIP program was started recently in the year 2019 and more than ten communities has participated. Each communities has certain guidelines to follow and its is comparatively more easier way to get into Canada as a skilled worker. Depending upon the availability, each community will update the post of vacancy in their official website and people can apply directly through that. The timings of pilot program will be different in different community. The list of communities which comes under RNIP are as follows :

North Bay, ON
Sudbury, ON
Timmins, ON
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Thunder Bay, ON
Brandon, MB
Altona/Rhineland, MB
Moose Jaw, SK
Claresholm, AB
Vernon, BC
West Kootenay (Trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson), BC.

And this time the North Bay community is the one which to start accepting immigrants

NOC Codes for North Bay RNIP Jobs

a. Health Care & Social Worker

NOC 3012: Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
NOC 3413: Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates
NOC 3233: Licensed practical nurses
NOC 3112: General practitioners and family physicians
NOC 4152: Social Workers
NOC 4214: Early childhood educators and assistants
NOC 4212: Social and community service workers
NOC 4412: Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations
NOC 3111: Specialist Physicians

b. Traders (Licensed and unlicensed )

NOC 7312: Heavy duty equipment mechanics
NOC 7321: Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers
NOC 7311: Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics
NOC 7611: Construction trades helpers and laborers
NOC 7237: Welders and related machine operators
NOC 7271: Carpenters
NOC 7241: Electricians
NOC 7251: Plumbers
NOC 7511: Transport Truck Drivers
NOC 7521: Heavy equipment operators
NOC 7535: Other transport equipment operators and related maintenance workers

c. Business Administration

NOC 111: Auditors, accountants and investment professionals
NOC 121 Administrative services supervisors
NOC 1311: Accounting technicians and bookkeepers

d. Information Technology

NOC 0213: Computer and information systems managers
NOC 2147: Computer Engineers
NOC 2171: Information systems analysts and consultants
NOC 2172: Database analysts and data administrators
NOC 2173: Software engineers and designers

e. Open NOC

“Applicants with a job offer not listed above will be considered only at the discretion of the Community Recommendation Committee. High skill level occupations such as engineers, aviation technicians, pilots, architecture, legal, supervisors in call centers and chefs are examples of jobs being considered under the Open NOC.” – North Bay RNIP Webiste

Eligibility Criteria For North Bay RNIP Jobs & Program

For every newcomer they should meet the  IRCC eligibility criteria

  1. Should meet the English Language proficiency
  2. Graduation from a post-secondary institution or qualifying work experience in the applying community ,
  3. Meet the educational qualifications
  4. Proof of your economical background to support you in recommending  community
  5. Long term plan to live in the community
  6. Other specified requirements provided by the community. Which will be there in official community website.
  7. Recommendation from the community which you are applying for.
Recommendation from a community involves the following :
  1. Proper skill set in certain field and experience in which the community is looking.
  2. Intention to live in the community
  3. Connections within the community
  4. Proficiency in the official languages- English or French

You should have consistent 1 year work experience in the same field which your are applying. At-least,1560 hours of work within the last 3 year after deducting self employed, unpaid internships and volunteering services. And the experience should include in the National Occupational Classification (NOC)

Step by step Procedure for applying North Bay RNIP Jobs & Program
  1. Meet the Federal Eligibility Requirements which is mentioned above and for further clarification you can click here for the official guidelines.
  2. Pass the community based criteria.
  3. Full time employment from the community. For that you need to build an candidate profile under ” Find Full Time Employment in the Community ” under North bay RNIP website.
  4. Complete the Schedule 1 Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program
  5. Submission of North Bay RNIP Area Application which includes :
    a. Offer of employment
    b. Schedule 1
    c. Language Assessment Results (IELTS Test )
    d. Work Experience Documents (Pay slip, Reference letter, etc.)
    e. Proof of Bank Details ( Bank statements and deposit details )
    f.  Educational Assessment.(WES)
  6. Submission of additional and supplementary details which include :
    a. Previous Work Experience
    b. Residential Documents
    c. Contacts in Community
    d. Accompanying family member details
    e. Driving License

If you are a Canada PR aspirant please make use of North Bay RNIP program and get a recommendation from the community.Hope this article helps you to clear all your doubts regarding the upcoming North Bay RNIP Program.

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