SSB Procedure – Get all the details of the 5 day SSB procedure

SSB Procedure

After clearing all the defense exams you will receive a call letter to attend SSB. However, most people are unaware of the SSB selection procedures. What is actually happening inside the selection center? Here we are providing you the complete details of the 5 day SSB procedure. Please go through the article carefully and prepare well for your SSB. SSB measures your ability to be an officer in the armed forces.

What is SSB?

SSB stands for Services Selection Board. This is an organization that measures the potential of a candidate to become an officer in the Indian armed forces. To clarify, after clearing all the defense examinations like AFCAT, INET, CDS, NDA, etc., the next step is SSB. This is a 5 day procedure. The procedure mainly consists of personality, intelligence, and psychology tests and interviews. Certainly, all these processes assess the capability of the candidate.

5 Day SSB Procedure

Few days after the publication of the result you will receive a call-up letter from the respective SSB center. You will also receive the necessary instructions and the details of the documents to be carried. Most importantly, read the instructions and ensure that you are eligible to appear. Further, arrange the required documents and other requisites to perform the tests.

Besides, you have to reach the center on the given date and time. Latecomers are not allowed to attend the test. Always, keep in mind that you are going to the defense forces.

Reporting Day

You will get instructions from the GTO about the test procedure. Then, you have to fill the necessary forms. Temporary chest numbers are also allotted to the candidates.

In some SSBs, the tests are conducted on the same day. Some others will give you accommodation on the arrival day and the tests are conducted on the next day.

Day 1 – SSB Procedure

Day 1 is the screening day. Two tests are conducted on this day – OIR Test and PPDT.

OIR (Officers Intelligence Rating) Test:

This test consists of two parts.

Test No. of Questions Duration (minutes)
Verbal Test 40 – 50 20 – 30
Non-verbal Test 40 – 50 20 – 30

PPDT (Picture Perception and Description Test):

  • Firstly, they will show you a picture. You have to write a story based on the given picture.
Task Time given
Observe the picture 30 seconds
Write the details 1 minute
Write a story 4 minutes
  • After writing the story, you are seated in groups of 15 to 18.
  • After that, you have to narrate the story one by one.
  • Finally, you have to conduct a discussion and have to arrive at a common story of the group.

Consequently, candidates are selected. They will also get permanent chest numbers.

Day 2 – SSB Procedure

On this day you have to attend the psychological tests. This consists of – WAT, TAT, and SRT.

WAT – Word Association Test

In this test, you have to write short sentences for the given words. The words are visible to you on a screen one by one.

Number of words given – 60 words

Duration – 15 seconds to write each sentence

TAT – Thematic Apperception Test 

In TAT, you have to write stories for the given pictures. The pictures are visible to you on a screen one after another.

Number of pictures – 11 pictures and one blank slide

Time to observe one picture – 30 seconds

Time to write a story – 4 minutes

SRT – Situation Reaction Test

In SRT, you have to write your reactions to the given situations. The situations are given in a booklet.

Number of situations – 60

Duration – Total 30 minutes

After completing WAT, TAT, and SRT you have to write Self Description.

WAT 60 words 15 seconds for each
TAT 12 pictures – 11 hazy and 1 blank 30 seconds to observe and 4 minutes to write
SRT 60 situations 30 minutes
Self Description 5 questions 15 minutes

Day 3 – SSB Procedure

Groups Tests are conducted on this day.

Candidates are divided into 6 to 10 each depending upon the total number of candidates screened in.

GD (Group Discussion)

Two rounds of GD are there. That is to say, you have to sit in a circle.

In the first round, the GTO (Group Testing Officer) will give two topics. The group can select one topic from these. After that discussion is started.

In the second round, GTO will give only one topic. You have to conduct a discussion on that topic.

GPE (Group Planning Exercise)

In GPE, the GTO will give some problems on a model. Firstly, you have to write individual solutions on a sheet of paper. After that, you have to discuss it within the group. Finally, the group has to arrive at a common conclusion. This is the common group plan.

PGT (Progressive Group Task)

In PGT, the group has to cross certain obstacles. Some structures are provided to you. GTO will explain the rules of the task. You will get some helping materials to complete the task. You have to obey the instructions of GTO and have to cover the obstacles using the provided helping materials. About four obstacles will be there.

GOR (Group Obstacle Race)

In GOR, your group has to race against the other groups through a series of obstacles. While doing this, you have to carry a load. The load looks like a snake and thus, the task is also called a snake race.

HGT (Half Group Task)

HGT is similar to PGT. However, the difference is that the group strength is reduced to half compared to PGT.


In the lecturette, you will get 4 topics. You have to select one topic from these and have to talk to the rest of the group. Most importantly, the duration of the talk is for 3 minutes.

Some of the candidates will have an Interview on this day.

Day 4 – SSB Procedure

Individual Obstacles

In this, the GTO will give instructions to you. After that, he will show you each obstacle one by one and explain. A total of 10 obstacles will be there. The time to complete the obstacles is 3 minutes.

Command Task

In the command task, GTO will explain the rules and instructions to you. You are designated as the commander of the task. You can choose 2 people to help you with the task. They will not give you any suggestions. The time to complete the task is normally 15 to 20 minutes.

FGT (Final Group Task)

Final Group Task is similar to PGT. You have to be active and participate with enthusiasm.

Some of the candidates will have Interview on this day.

Day 5 – SSB Procedure

Day 5 is the conference day.

SSB Conference

This is the final session of the SSB. You are called into the conference room to take a final look. Meanwhile, you have to answer some basic questions in this session.

Finally, they will announce the results. After this, the non-recommended candidates can leave. The recommended candidates have to stay for further procedures.

SSB measures your ability to be an officer. You have to prepare well for SSB. Hope this article will help you with your preparations. Go ahead towards your dream career in defense forces.


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